Sofa Repair 6 Bespoke furniture

Sofa Repair expertly made to fit your existing suite

Suite in need of a re-fresh? Sofa Repair {flood} can help you make the most of your current furniture. Have a different set for summer and winter, or just a new look for spring. Choose from our vast array of beautiful fabrics, in different colours, weights, and textures, with the option of matching cushions.

A new suite for the price of a set of Sofa Repair {flood}…

Sofa Repair 6 Love your old suite but it’s in need of some TLC? Choose from a wide range of quality low-maintenance fabrics, individually made tailoring to cover your existing Sofa Repair {flood}, with cushions to match. Or does it need something a bit more radical? We are experienced in remodelling. Every style from 18th and 19th century Empire to modern styles. Get a fresh, new look for your furniture! Sofa Repair Battersea Park Road, Bespoke furniture, Sofa Repair in London , Sofa Repair in chelsea, sofa repair in central london, Sofa Repair High Quality,

Free consultation

A set of loose covers can revitalise your favourite suite and ring the changes. Individual service and quality workmanship can be yours Email: or contact 020 7627 6486 us however for a zero cost forecasts.tags Sofa Repair 6, sofa repair in central london, Sofa Repair High Quality, Re Upholsterers Sofa and Chair, Upholsterers in Central London, Upholstery workshop london, Sofa Repair in victoria, Bespoke Furniture upholstery Battersea , Sofa Repair in London, Sofa Repair Battersea Park , Upholsterer in Central London, Sofa Repair, Sofa Repair Battersea Park Road

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